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Frozen Pulp and Concentrates

Freeze Concentrates Premium Juice concentrates can also be produced using a cooling process. We are one of the few companies in the world able to separate the water from fruit content using this protective crystallisation method. The freeze concentrates are of premium quality as the natural compounds, flavour, fruit aroma and colour, are all preserved after processing. In terms of taste, appearance and aroma. Juices reconstituted from freeze concentrate have had no thermal stress during the concentration process. This results in an exact sensory match to the original fresh juice (NFC). Freeze concentrates also have transport and storage benefits due to concentration. Freeze concentrates are ideal for enhancing the sensory perception of your premium products. Often used for high quality fruit syrups, fruit jellies, ice creams, cocktail mixes and coatings.

Pulp Concentrates We offer quality pulp concentrates, which can even be enhanced to your individual needs with fruit pieces and seeds. Pulp concentrates are primarily used in the baked goods and confectionery industries, as well as for fruit preparations and coatings.

Pulp concentrates also enable reduced transport costs and lower storage costs compared to single strength products.