Common name : Aguaymanto, Golden Berry, Uchuva, Uvilla.
Scientific name : Phvsalis peruviana.
Raw material availability : All year round.

1. Physical- organoleptic characteristics:
Strange materials : Absence.
Discoloration : 2% maximum.
Size diameter mm. range : 12 - 25 mm.
Color : Yellow to orange.
Smell and taste : Typical of fresh fruit of good quality.

2. Chemical characteristics:
‘ Brix 10-14º
Acidity (%wlw citric acid) 0.9 – 1.95%
pH 3.2 – 4.4

3. Microbiological characteristics:
Total aerobic mesophylic bacteria recount: : <10,000 UFC/gr.
Molds and yeasts : <10, 000 UFC/gr.
Total Coliforms : <100 UFC/gr.
Escherichia Coli : Absence.
Salmonella : Absence.
Listeria : Absence in 25 gr.

PESTICIDES: N/A Organic according to the procedures as outlined in the USDA, AMS 7 CFR Part 205, National Organic Program, Final Rule.

EU: Regulation (EC) No 83412007 and Regulation (EC) No 889/2008.

PRODUCTION PROCESS:The fruit is peeled, selected and washed, properly sanitized according to specifications The product enters the tunnel where it is frozen to a temperature of -30"C, packaged, and stored at -18'C.

PACKAGING: Blue, food grade PE bags packed in a carton box 10 Ke./ 30 lb. Net.

LABELLlNG: Product, net-gross weight, production code, carton number, storage conditions, and other information indicated by the customer.

SHEIF LIFE: : The duration is 18 months from the date of manufacture with the storage parameters set (Min. -18"C).

CONDITIONS OF STORAGE: - 18 ºC or colder.