Opened in early 2008, after years of experience in the fruit and food industry, we count on a great staff off experienced workers, high quality control standards, a commitment to contribute to the development of each person involved in our operations. The expertise of the shareholders, which includes experienced management, assures our customers that they will receive high quality products and that we have commitment to the environment and to all the people involved in the process-from the fruit suppliers to our consumers.

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IQF Frozen Mango

Chato de lca, Kent, Criollo, Haden Varieties.

IQF - PUREE Avocado

Zutano and Hass Varieties.

Frozen Mango

Pulp and Concentrate presentation.

Passion Fruit Juice

Single and Concentrate presentation.

We do it all for our customers

Under our direction, our grower partners plant seeds in the ground.

We oversee the growth of the seeds into safe, high-quality crops.

Harvested Crops are processed in our Instant Quick Freeze (IQF) facilities.

Frozen products are shipped, adhering to strict safety standards.

Products are blended & packaged in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Delivery is made to customers around the world.